Download Capital City BNI Video

Want to show this video to a potential visitor? You'll give them the perfect overview of BNI every time.


You can play the video from our home page each time you want to show it. But that will chew up data if you're not connected to a wireless network.

Or you can download it and save it on your phone / iPad / tablet / laptop.


Download the video here: 1280x720 or 640x360


The 1280x720 version is great for laptops, iPads or Tablets or phones with large screens. The larger video looks sharper and the detail is easier to see.

The 640x260 video is good for phones with very small screens. (A Samsung Galaxy S2 is 800x480 so the large version looks best.)


Simple Download Instructions


1. Copy Video To Your Phone

Follow these easy instructions to copy the video to your phone.

The simplest way is to save "ccbni-whatisbni1280.mp4" to your "Movies" folder.


2. Create Shortcut to Video

To play the video you need something to click - a shortcut.

You can create a shortcut to the movie on your home screen using these simple steps.

The video will be where you saved it in step 1 - probably your "Movies" folder.







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